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Pleased, after all…

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Went out to a show, primarly to get Yo-Yo´s third and last CaC for his Championtitle, but also entered Isis who is 18 months and needs training. She is looking good, or better, but not really any expectations…

Yo-Yo is just about the hardest dog I have ever had to show. He wont keep his head up and have anything BUT commanding apperarence in the ring and he hates being there (and demonstrates it)… This naturally affects the way he is presented and the way he moves, so today we did´nt quite meet up to the standard as far as moving goes, so that last CaC is still missing…

But – Isis (Keltairs Flight of the Phoenix) showed reat with Ann and moved like a train with commanding appearence enough so that she could share some with Yo-Yo. Best of Breed on her first time out on a official show and later Group 3rd, and we are VERY pleased with how this day ended!

Keltairs Flight of the Phoenix – Isis @ 18 months

Judges was Henrik Johansson and Photo; Courtesy of Sofie @ the Wolfhenge Kennels

Keltairs Bandit Queen @ the Cualainn Kennels in the UK

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“Svea” @ 18 monhts – congrats Jonathan!
(kinda wish I´d kept her after seeing what she have become…) 🙂

Keltair, now x3 in Germany…

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Been out seeing some new dogs lately… Since 2 of the pups from this last litter was going to two different German breeders, we thought we could take them down ourselves and visit the German Clubshow and stay with good friends at the same time!

Said and done, “Sykes” (Keltairs John Sykes) went to his new home with Peter Kannegiesser at Kennel Nettl’s Giants, and I feel confident that he will be taken care of and loved by his new owners! “Isse” (Keltairs Zakk Wylde) went to the Oelmühle Kennels and will live there together with is halfbrother “Cowboy” (Keltairs Drugstore Cowboy) and many other great dogs!

The Clubshow offered an experience of a variety of Wolfhounds, both in type, shape & quality. Some great hounds, and it felt good being there together with the winning team, as Jürgen Rösner took Best in Show with his “Zandra von der Oelmühle”.

Below is a few pictures from the show

Cowboy (18months) at the Show, placed 2nd in his class.
We strongly believe he has a great future ahead of him!

Cowboy (18months) – photo by Jon Jansen

Thanks to Jürgen & Co for a great weekend!

Boys @ 12wks

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As it seems, all boys have found homes and I´m very pleased with where they will end up… But, three are still here at home during the awaiting move, and personally, I am very pleased with how they look… 🙂

the boys @ 10 weeks

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two of these charming young lads are still avaliable for a good home…

Keltairs Halo Legends & Keltairs Nightwing Punisher

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Northstar Irish wolfhoundclub Match 2011

Best bitch & Best in Match – Keltairs Halo Legends (owner Kennel Nightwing, Joel Mattson)

Keltairs Nightwing Punisher -. Best Dog (owner Kennel Nightwing, Joel Mattson)

Photos, Courtesy of  Curtis Hedman

Halo and Punisher are by “Ch. Cualainn Phoenix at Keltair x Ch. Furlongs Humphrey”, halfsibblings to the boys left @ home…

Puppyclearence… ;)

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Well, there is no Sale going on, but, for different reasons, there are still 4 boy @ home, and 2 of them are still for sale…

I´d way these are excellent puppies, looking good and behaving like they should, with a pedigree full of internationally influential and successfull dogs. Only thing I want is to find good, loving homes for them, but an interest for showing may be a welcome bonus… 🙂

So, looking fo a quality-Irish Wolfhound? Contact me @ any time! 🙂

Murphy – Keltairs Boondock Saints

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Murphy @ 16 months…

Northstar Irish Wolfhoundclub 2011

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Just found out, @ the Northstar Irish Wolfhoundclub in Minnesota, Keltairs Halo Legends was Best in Match, and her brother Keltairs Punisher was Best Male in what seemed to be pretty high quality comeptition… Great job by them and their owner, Joel Mattson @ Nightwing Kennels in Hibbing, MN, USA…

Hopefully pictures will appear soon… 🙂